Having been born and raised in Southern California, I grew up with grand skies, vast beaches, and of course, the SUN, whose light has lured artists forever. After receiving a BA in French, Minor in Art from the University of California Santa Barbara, I traveled, worked as a fabric artist, and in the late 80’s moved to the Central Coast of California with my husband. It was then that I turned from painting on fabric to painting on paper and canvas, and there were many influences. Basically, I found artists whose work I admired and tried to study with them.

Phyllis Case-Bennett, master Chinese brush artist was teaching workshops at Cuesta College, and I became a regular there, learning what impact a flick of the brush can have. Tony Couch, for 7 years, drilled me in the principals of design, and Mel Stabin, a painter who paints with tremendous heart, inspired me to become a “loose” woman. Henry Fukuhara’s line: “Show me the shape!” is one I think about every time I paint. And, of course, John Barnard, whose workshops and style brings it all home for me, in respect to getting to the mood and essence of whatever it is you are trying to capture.

And so, I believe that you just fling all of these influences into the soup, and with work, hopefully you come out with an artistic style you can call your own…more than imitation, more than skill alone.

I hope you enjoy my paintings!

Art Education
Bachelor of Arts, UCSB French/Art Minor
Allan Hancock College-Photography
Cal Poly-Photography
Cuesta College-Painting
Art Students League of New York-Painting